TITE providing service continuity to all of its customers.

.....With so many locations to keep me busy, I spend a lot of time organizing the preferences of my clients into a schedule. To most people this half-legible list would be the boring contents of an appointment book. But to me these personal preferences are more than just loosely defined sociological patterns: This is a highly integrative set of data!

Did you know that the logistical powers of the human brain are typically accurate to within a tenth of a second and a distance of two millimeters?! Wow! We could all die tomorrow, but when it comes to catching a bus on time the mind is a vaccuum. This is exactly the sort of micropedia every savvy business guru knows. If you want to succeed you have to let your instincts guide you.

So if you'd like your windows cleaned as soon as possible but don't want to clean them until the spring, or you'll get to it all someday but right now you're gonna eat pizza, that's just the sort of savvy I speak! 25/7.


I'm sure that if you could change the quality of the things you've bought ... or the price of the things you didn't ... you would.

But sometimes, you're happy with both.

This is what Customer Satisfaction means to everyone, I suppose.

... A lot of dissatisfaction occurs when people feel they've been insulted. Seemingly passive individuals can become suddenly hostile. This makes it so much easier to understand customer satisfaction. Personally, I find it best to stay well away from any possible criticism.

Beautiful quality. Brainless prices.
I agree.

My customers are important!

  Thank you,

concerning our competition...

TITE asks you to be a loyal customer so as not to discourage our programs of cooperation with enforcement agencies and communities. We promise we are converting money into much more rewarding human resources - like leaders. And like most companies, we insist that our persons of fair and equitable character be granted financial opportunities that others are not.

So it's okay if you ignore our competitors because you like us....and we hope that our services are significantly less expensive than theirs.
But don't be fooled.
We plan to make tons of money for our exploitation of customer satisfaction.

We wouldn't be TITE any other way.

Introducing A.T.R. Assured Tactical Response


You've come to the right place!
TITE is available now to do the work you want to be done. For less than you were going to spend!
This has always pleased our Clients.

You can have a brighter workplace whenever you want.


Believe me when I say that TITE is just a passing sparkle for people to celebrate from the depression of their worn-out, abused culture; another clever product of the public's blatant faith in a corporate manifesto.
...Corporate soldiers are the hero of the moment - here to dispel the insecurity that dominates so may lives.
Or probably just some pretty window cleaner?


Parrish "Jedi" Nelson TITE Agent

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